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I used to think I ate pretty well too, but am now trying to be a vegan. I was having trouble with shortness of breath, but after being vegan for a week, found out that half in half in my coffee was the culprit! I started off with half of my plate being veggies, but found out that we are supposed to be eating 7-13 servings of veggies and fruit a day, and that doing so can prevent alot of health problems everyone in America is facing. You may want to go to half-price book stores or your library, and get some books on how to beat cancer or other autoimmune diseases. I have several, and the gist of it is that sugar feeds cancer. Not that we have cancer...but something like it. They advocate a raw diet. Now, I haven't been able to do just that, but am trying to eat something raw with every meal, and get my sugar fixes from agave nectar, fruit, and honey. Raw food has enzymes in it that help to break down food, so your body doesn't have to use its own, and can concentrate on other things (like fighting this stupid disease!). Also, I am careful of everything I put in, or on my body. I switched to all natural cleaning products, vinegar can clean alot of things...I also don't put petroleum or mineral oil products on my skin, they are made from crude oil...I don't know where you work, but I found out that I could get exercise equipment covered from my flexible spending account with a doctors note. I got a treadmill & started walking last month. This disease was making me eat lots of brownies too! And then I was too tired to do anything, so now I don't have excuses...If you'd like me to share my recipes with you (that the whole family likes), you can message me your email address & I'll add you to my list. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you are there for your grandkids!! I really mean that, we are fighting for our lives...hugs, Linda
Linda, 47 yo, married, mother of a teen, moderate AA w/ TERC mutation (2007 NIH), Pulmonary Fibrosis 2010, was on Danazol study (Aug 2011-2013 & restarted 9/14/15), last transfusion May 2011. On Promacta now. Needing a double lung and stem cell transplant.
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