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Bone marrow help

Hi again! My now 5 year old daughter had a recent bone marrow recheck which shows normocytic/normochromic anemia hematogone hyperplasia (was at 9.4% in 2016 and now at 12.7% in 2018) and erythroid hyperplasia though it isn't clear why. Her hemoglobin is at 9, RBC at 3.2, and hematocrit at 26.9. Iron studies all in range and ferritin at 11. Other tests in range though elevated monocytes with periodic bouts of neutropenia.

Any thoughts you could possibly share on this?

She was recently diagnosed with mitochondrial disease as well as a heart block and low blood pressure which points to dysautonomia so I am concerned with the chronic anemia adding to the stress though her doctor says it is mild enough to not contribute to symptoms.

So grateful for any input!!!

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