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Marijuana use as marrow recipient

Hello all. I was recently diagnosed with AA and was told that I need a marrow transplant for a cure. I just started my first ATG treatment 2 weeks ago, so as you can see this all new to me. As the title states, I've been smoking marijuana to battle anxiety and PTSD for a long time as it's the only thing that works for me and I refuse taking the big pharma drugs (Xanax, etc.). I had a medical marijuana card, but in California it is now legal to possess marijuana for personal use.

Since my diagnosis, I haven't smoked, but my anxiety and PTSD creeps in from time to time and I feel that if I smoke it will help me out some. The only thing that is stopping me is I've been told by a friend that if they do find a suitable donor for me, I can be rejected as the recipient if they find THC in my system. Is there any validity to that? Just doesn't make sense if it's true. I've tried googling, but nothing returns. Thanks in advance.
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