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Hi worriedmama,

I am sorry that you and your daughter are facing this. I am not a doctor or in the medical field but can give my opinion, based only on my personal experience with AA/MDS.

Originally Posted by worriedmama View Post
Hi there,

My almost 4 year old had her second bone marrow biopsy and I would be grateful for any input.

She has normochromic/normocytic anemia. Her hgb was 9.2, Hct 27.5 and RBC 3.28.

70% cellularity both biopsies

Normal platelets, 249.
This is all good except of course, her HGB is low and is probably making her very tired!

Originally Posted by worriedmama View Post
Mild absolute neutropenia without morphologic abnormalities. Neutrophils range 1.2 to 1.4.
Again this is not that bad. "Mild" is not that bad. It is good that she doesn't have abnormal looking cells. A healthy person's ANC will dip below normal from time to time after an illness. So nothing alarming here, in my opinion. If her ANC starts trending lower, that is of concern.

Originally Posted by worriedmama View Post
Hematogone hyperplasia 11.3% (hematogones were 9.4% last year)
This is unusual for reports that we usually see on this forum. So I can't comment on this. It is something to pursue with your child's doctor.

Originally Posted by worriedmama View Post
No increase in CD34+ blasts, 2.4%
No increase in blasts is good!

Originally Posted by worriedmama View Post
Her lymph, mono, and eos tend to all be slightly elevated.

Still waiting on karyotype (which was normal last year) and the pathologist is running a MDS FISH this year that wasn't done last year.

Thanks so much!
I don't see any smoking guns for MDS by this report alone. The FISH will tell for sure. I think something else is going on, but again, I am not an expert.

Make sure your daughter is being seen by an expert in hematological malignancies. I hope you find answers!
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