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Hi Bruce,

Great to see you back on here. Iím sure there are may people you can help. I read your book and it really gave me the courage to pursue other options. Of course my Dr. doesnít agree but oh well. I have since moved and have seen my original Dr again who seems to be pleased with my numbers. My WBC remain low but others have normalized. I find a more keto style diet helps my numbers. I also take a lot of supplements, some recommended by Sherri Rogers after reading her books and some I have found on my own that may be helping maybe not, but Iíll keep taking them. Most importantly I feel great right now and I think a lot of people can benefit from reading your book. I always go back to it when I start falling off track and need a reminder.

I checked out your YouTube channel.. great music! So happy your are doing well! Hope you stick around here and give some advice to those who are so desperately looking for a little hope or guidance.

Brenda age 56 mother of 4 diagnosed MDS 7/28/2017/currently low risk/watch and wait.
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