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Low Counts for a Long Time


As Marlene mentioned, some of us have lived for quite some time with hypocellular marrow and below normal blood counts. In my case, I first detected that I had low blood counts and corresponding hypocellular marrow back in the year 2000 -- about 19 years ago! Of course I was shocked at first, and I expected a counts crash to happen an any moment... but thankfully, it didn't in my case. We've been keeping an eye on it since then with quarterly CBCs (and a few bone marrow biopsies thru the years).

The good news is, I have not had to take any meds, have not had any transfusions, and have not needed to be hospitalized or treated in any way because of this. The bad news is, my counts have slowly trended downward over the years and really have not improved. (For a more complete description, see my "history" in the "Tell Your Story" forum on this web site, entitled "Slow-moving AA / Pancytopenia, or What?"). So, I have been in "watch and wait" mode for several years... which is not really that bad of a thing.

Others I have met on this site have had stable counts for several years until something caused a "crash" and treatment was required. Others, like me, have never experienced a crash. Several others with AA crash almost immediately and require treatment. We are all different... and I've always considered my case to be sort of an oddity on this site -- but there are a few with similar symptoms.

I wish you the best, and if I can ever help you in any way, please contact me!

David M
David M, reds/whites/plats slowly declining since 2000; hypo-cellular bone marrow; diagnosed Mild AA; low counts, but stable since 2009; watch and wait -- no treatments required to this point.
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