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David, I can appreciate what you are going through as I am going through the same thing with MDS. I have been on the "wait and watch' list thing for over three years now. Since Feb. 2006 I have seen my numbers slowly, oh so slowly drop down, but I am still not at the levels that will trigger any treatment so the Docs tell me. My HGB is just above 10, RBC at about 3, HCT at 31.7. Platelets are not too bad at 140K. Medicare and VA will not autherize treatment unless the Hemaglobin gets down to about 9. Due for a new BMB in October. In the mean time I slug around like a snail and need to rest a lot. Are you having any similar symptoms? Hang in there pal!
Dick S, diagnosed Feb. 2008 with MDS. Last BMB April 2016. New diagnosis is CMML stage 1.
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