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Another specialist

Hi David,
I'm with Lisa about getting an expert opinion, and would like to add Dr Paquette at UCLA as another AA specialist to consider. After my first treatment for Severe AA using ATG in Dec 2006, I relapsed to a moderate form of the disease. Dr P advised using CsA alone, and it has recovered all of my counts (except that my platelets are stuck at 72k). I would think it is safer to treat you now rather than have to go with the more risky ATG/Prednisone approach later. Just my 2 cents..
Male, 56, dx Nov2006 VSAA (BMA:0%). Responded to ATG/CsA/Prednisone/Neupogen Dec 2006, but relapsed in June 2007. Counts are responding to using CsA 200mg bid alone since Jun 2008. Last PRBC tx: Jul 2008.
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