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Slow progression of AA

Just wanted to let you know that I also had very slowly progressing "Pancytopenia" over a period of 10 years until I was finally diagnosed with aplastic anemia in 2006. My local oncologist watched my blood counts and I had some bone marrow biopsys over the years, but is was watchful waiting until my counts really dropped off. When that time came and I started to experience more symptoms of severe fatigue, I was refered to a specialist at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Brodsky. So there are others like me who have the disease present in this way.

I did finally have a bone marrow transplant at JH using the new protocal and now my bone marrow works right again and I can say that I am completely cured.
Maggie (56 year old woman) diagnosed with severe AA in January 2006. Treated May 2006 with High Dose Cytoxin, Nov.2008 had BMT, both at John Hopkins. WBC & Platelets now normal, RBC near normal, still high ferritin level.
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