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Hi my name is Paul and im new to the forums after years of reading.
I was diagnosed with severe aplastic aneamia (acute idiopathic)when I was 11 years old
I am now 22, I was first treated with ATG (rabbit serum) which had no response in my body. I then received chemotherapy and a full bone marrow transplant from my 7yo sister at the time, who is apparently a full match. I slowly but surely started to recover and after about 3 months my counts were holding and I was taking cyclosporin.
After about 3 years my counts began to decline and before I new it I was transfusion dependant again and looking for more options. I was given ATG for a second time (horse serum) which I had minor reactions to & no changes in my counts at all.
I then was given the option to have a Stem cell transplant from my sister which I opted to do. I was sent home after it and my counts began to rise again. I was also told around that time that they beleive I didnt have enough chemo to kill all my bad cells before receiving my sisters bone marrow. After the stem cell transplant I was better for 2 years before relapsing for a third time and I have been living off transfusions for the last 3 years. I have severe iron overload (treated with exjade, desferioxamine) and low white cells also (3 lines) I recently was in a choma for a nasty infection but have made a full recovery from that. id like to know what peoples thoughts and suggestions might be for my situation. thanks in advance . paul...
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