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Long term survival?

Hello, I just discovered this forum and wish I had seen this years and years ago because for so long I've had unanswered questions about all of this! First let me introduce you to my story.. When I was 15years old I was diagnosed Severe Aplastic Anemia in November of 2002 and I was told I was in a very severe state as my platelets were 4 and hemoglobins were something around 20s. Anyways, I've had a BMT on December 23th (of 2002 still) from my sister which was compatible 5/6 and everything has been going very well since then, doctors always have been telling me everything was perfectly going well! I didn't experience any kind of GVHD or whatever you call it in english (sorry I am french canadian.. I know a lot of english but when it comes to those terms.. Not really used to them haha) So yeah everything has been awesome so far! My life has been somewhat miserable the first year of recovery because of the medications I had to take (Cyclosporin was the worst..) You know teenagers really enjoyed making fun of my swollen and hairy face.. Whatever I got over all of this now and I have been really in shape and I am living a pretty decent life now!

Right now I have been asking myself a specific question about all of this.. How long can I expect to live without any complications? I have been really anxious about it lately... I was 15years old back then and now 26 so it's been 11years so far

That's all what went through my mind right now but I'm pretty sure I got tons of other questions as well that I can't think of right now.

Thank you to everyone who posts in here and whoever made these forums as well! Have a good day.
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