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You ask a great question. I think a lot of this depends on 1) how flexible the work schedule will be 2) how much brain power you need to do the work and 3) the physical demands of being active. I had a pretty rough go of it afterward, and definitely experienced the side effects of "chemo brain" from my full intensity transplant. My energy level now is about 50% of what it was prior to transplant, but mind you I worked 70-80 hours on a regular basis before. The biggest challenge I have is maintaining good health and regular energy levels, sleep patterns, and mental acuity -- it is still in more flux than I would care for.

I have read about people that are able to get back to work full time within a year, but I was not that person. I would suggest focusing on your health as much as possible, but if you can work from home either intermittently or on your own terms, than it may be worth trying.
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