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Just lost my 70 yr mother to AA after a 3 year struggle


My mom was initially diagnosed as ITP/probable MDS in oct'15 due to low platelets after 1st biopsy which was later changed to MDS in July'16 after 2nd biopsy with marrow functioning at 25% & even haemoglobin showing signs of falling with low platelets. Medication was changed to Revolade 50mg.

This went on for about a year post which platelets again fell & she needed her first platelet transfusion. In Nov'17, she required another transfusion of platelets & haemoglobin post which she was also put on erythropoeitin injections in addition to revolade.

In Jan'18-Feb'18, she needed 4 transfusions post which she was also started on filgrastim injections + cyclosporine & lenlidomide in addtion to revolade & erythropoeitin which seemed to help her for a few months till June'18 when it all started to break down.

She needed platelet transfusion every 3-4 days without response & platelet count was below 5.Another biopsy showed marrow had gone Aplastic & she developed blisters in mouth with bleeding, nose bleeds & brain CT showed changes though the neuro said that she would recover if platelets went up.

By the time ATG could be initiated, she had a reaction to the anesthesia at the time of inserting central line & succumbed to anaphyllaxis reaction in Aug'18.

Hoping this information is of use to someone having similar illness as this is rare.
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