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Kinda dazed and confused

I'm Su. I was recently diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. I've never been sick in my life, so, I'm having a bit of a time accepting it and dealing with it.

Last fall, I took treatment for Hep-C, Harvoni. As the blood results came back clear on that virus, the labs also showed some troubling numbers with my blood. Thinking it was liver-related damage from the Hep-C, doc sent me for three different scans. They all indicated nothing wrong with my liver. So, doc sent me to another doc, a blood specialist. That is where I got my diagnosis.

That doc, the blood specialist, did the first BMB. He sent me to Shand's, the hospital here in my town, to see a specialist, a Dr. Norkin. He also referred me to hematology, but, that department saw the transplant dept. stuff going on and didn't think they needed to track me, too. The specialist did his own BMB. And, a crapload of blood work.

All the different comments by doctors and assistants and nurses and lab techs and all of them, are so darned confusing! I have my daughter to help out; she takes me to every appointment from the start. My three grown children are, naturally, concerned. I don't know.

Like, one time, I went to the lab at the blood specialist's office. The tech drew my blood, then, phoned the nurse. Nurse comes in, sees the lab results, comes over to me and says, "Do you feel alright?" My response was, "Should I NOT feel alright?" My levels were just so low, they freaked out! And, so did I, because of their reaction!

But, now, that I am seeing this specialist, he keeps saying I'm probably three months away from treatment. That's been going on for two months. I don't know what to do! I don't have the energy, nor, the strength, to go trotting off to every specialist in town. And, Shand's has enough of them! I have lived here all my life, but, have always shied away from the facility. There were student doctors practicing there and tons of horror stories to go with them. But, as far as a good specialist, I KNOW Shand's has some awesome doctors!

I was kind of surprised by my response to the diagnosis. It made me angry! I have things to do! Life to live! I do not want to be sick! Sigh. I'm sorry I am such a bummer. I really hope I can come to grips with this soon!

Thank you for reading!
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