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LDN worked for me!

I can attest that ldn works wonders for energy! I felt an increase in my energy levels within a month and have felt better the longer I take it. I also believe it is a big part of my healing! After 2 1/2 years of critical platelets, mine are now 67k and continue to slowly climb. I haven't needed a transfusion in over 1 1/2 years. I'm fact, my hemoglobin is finally in the normal range! (Overall rbcs still low, but climbing)
My wbc and neutrophils remain low, but keep me well despite working with 24 ten year olds! (I think acupuncture helps!)

Sounds like you are on top of many positive lifestyle choices. Keep it up! Other suggestions if you don't already: watch toxins (food, water, grooming, cleaning), make sure you don't have any vitamin deficiencies, heal your gut, and keep the faith. Also, of course, work with your doctor / naturopath to make sure ldn won't interfere with anything you are taking. My ND was the one who prescribed my ldn, but I think any doctor could...if they are willing. I have a compounding pharmacy in my little town of 8k. I hope you are as lucky. (I think you can order online.). My ND also said dosing is very specific by individual. I started on .5 mg and gradually increased to 4.5 mg. I have stayed there ever since. As for side effects, I do often have weird (not scary) dreams and I find I can't take it after even small amounts of alcohol (1 glass of wine!) or I feel awful the next day. I never saw the alcohol thing as a side effect before, but it's my experience. (We both know you should limit alcohol anyway...)

One more thought: I also take a medicinal mushroom blend by Gaia. It's called Everyday Immune. My ND found a study they had done about the power of these fruiting mushrooms (and adaptogenic herbs in it) to "retrain" the immune system. I think it's helped in my healing.

Good luck and keep fighting for your wellness!
Val, 45. Diagnosed with MAA in March 2017. Considered to be autoimmune due to a small PNH clone. Alternative treatment is working!!!
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