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Thanks for the great advice re: dealing with COVID-19 recovery, etc.

I definitely will not continue my exercise routine anytime soon. I'm trying to listen to my body, and my body is saying, "No way!" Although I am feeling some better, I can tell I have not fully returned to where I need to be.

I am supposed to go to my local hematologist on Friday, and I don't doubt that I will be given another unit of blood. After an initial burst of energy after the first transfusion, I am feeling kind of droopy overall once again. Or maybe I just need more time to build up once again.

Anyway, thanks again for your thoughts...

David M
David M, reds/whites/plats slowly declining since 2000; hypo-cellular bone marrow; diagnosed Mild AA; low counts, but stable since 2009; watch and wait -- no treatments required to this point.
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