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Thanks for Asking!

Thanks for asking... I am doing much better. Still got the "post-covid cough."

However, since the transfusion, I have not been able to go back in to get a CBC. I was to the point I was obviously no longer contagious with Covid-19, but each week I would get re-tested and would continue to test "positive." My hematologist would not allow me to come into their facility for a visit being "positive" for Covid-19, since they had some people there being treated who had very low immune systems.

So, I still haven't been checked post-transfusion (not too happy about that). I feel pretty good, but I don't have much stamina. I'm guessing my HGB is still in the "8" range... but who knows. I finally got a "negative" test result two days ago (on a Friday), so maybe I can see my doctor this week some time.
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