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Just a quick update... I finally got to go back and have a follow-up visit with my hematologist. My platelets had returned to 52; neutrophils better than usual at 1.67; HGB is up to 9.0 (which is the low end of "normal" for me).

It has been long enough since the transfusion that the doctor says this is my own blood now. Apparently it will take some more time before my HGB fully bounces back to a better level... but like I said, sometimes it has been 9.0 anyway.

I have a lingering cough, and my energy level is still not back where I want it. Doctor said it may be another month or so before the cough goes away and the energy fully returns.

My B12 was on the low end of normal, so I am going to get either injections of B12 every 2 weeks for a while, or I have asked if there are any pills I can take instead... waiting to hear back from them.

That's all for now!
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David M, reds/whites/plats slowly declining since 2000; hypo-cellular bone marrow; diagnosed Mild AA; low counts, but stable since 2009; watch and wait -- no treatments required to this point.
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