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First, let me express, also, how sorry I am your Mother-in-Law, as well as, your family are dealing with all of this! Everyone here is wonderful and ready to provide any assistance and help that we can. Both my Dad (Bailie on here) and I received so much information over the last four years. If you have any questions that I may provide answers to (Dad was diagnosed almost four years ago, did very well for most of that time, but very sadly passed away this last July as a result of AML relapse - still so hard to believe and accept), please do not hesitate to ask (feel free to PM me). I wish you all the very best. I feel for (and cry with) anyone having to go through this.
Daughter of Bailie (diagnosed RAEB-2 11/13; transplant 08/14; relapse with Ph+ AML 04/15; remission until 04/17; DLI 06/17; passed away 07/11/17 at Day+1059)...the best dad a daughter could have...
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