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Hi Neil,

My doctor referred me to the AAMDS website, and from there I learned of this site. I too wondered about it being a questionable practice, and I agree that if I were saying bad things about the doctor it would be a different story. But I wasn't. And from what I remember, I don't think many (if any) people here post negative things about their healthcare team.

I thought about asking him about it. I was on the fence a long time, but ultimately chickened out. First, I don't think I was suppose to look in my file. I don't think they were suppose to leave it in the room with me either, but, two wrongs and all. I thought they might get "mad" at me for looking at it. Although for the amount of money my insurance has given them, I doubt they'd fire me as a patient. Does HIPPA apply to me? Second, I like my doctors. They're wonderful. I didn't want to put any awkwardness in the relationship by asking them about it.

Yes, I am afraid they might recognize me. The paranoid part of my brain made me create a new email account. I guess they could track my IP address, but I'm not that sophisticated to figure a way around all that. And I guess it doesn't really matter, if they figure me out they figure me out. I did nothing wrong (except look in my file, and even thats iffy as to whether it's wrong).

Maybe I should take a poll here - should I mention it or not.
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