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Hi Teller!

I'm relieved to hear my ramblings had some value; I'm beginning to think low Hgb is affecting my ability to string together a coherent sentence -- or, at least, my ability to string together a useful sentence.

I'm not sure how Dr. Dumitriu found my blog; the very first time I met him, when I entered an exam room at NIH, he was sitting at the computer reading my blog -- and called my attention to that fact. I figure he Googled me, though it's possible I had mentioned to one of the other docs or nurses that I was doing a blog. I met Dr. Dumitriu on a follow-up, after my two-week Campath stay at NIH, and I think I had told several folks that I was blogging about that experience.

Your Google alert idea makes sense with some docs and in some cases, though not in this one, since Dr. Dumitriu was reading my blog before I met him or mentioned him on my blog.

I have often found that Googling the names of doctors mentioned in Marrowforums posts will in fact produce links to marrowforums relatively high in the search results.

Take care!

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