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Originally Posted by Tii View Post
Getting a port put in tomorrow to start the bloodletting on Wednesday. Since my cell growth has been painfully slow since the bmt, I am hoping the phlebotomy won't crash them. I really don't want any more blood transfusions in the event the HGB drops again, but I really don't want to take the risks with Exjade either. Fingers crossed.

Deb, why don't you like the Exjade? Side effects?
Hi Til, I hope your bloodletting is going well. I'm scheduled to start my 1st bloodletting later this months. I'm almost 10-1/2 months post unrelated donor transplant for SAA & 2 weeks ago my HCT was 40. (1 year ago I was receiving a unit of red cells every 7-10 days.) I was on Exjade for a few months prior to my transplant last year & although i felt pretty well physically while taking it, my kidneys were impacted by the Exjad so I'm very happy I can now try reducing my iron without meds . It will be interesting to see how long it takes my counts to recover with the phlebotomies.

I'd not heard that ports are used for the bloodletting before, does anyone know if this is the standard -vs- IV's?

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