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Hi Dick,

I don't think we'll be hearing back from him. He stated in his post that he will not be checking back in. I am always a bit cautious with "hit and run" posts like this especially since he does not say what treatments he did, his clone size and the fact that he found a way to insert a website about his business. The last one is a red flag to me. I found another post by him linking Lyme and Alzheimer disease. And again, in that post, he said he would not check back and posted a link to another one of his businesses.

I'm not doubting the possibility of Lyme to be a trigger for PNH. Nor that he was misdiagnosed up front. Nor that he resolved his medical issues and restored health by treating for Lyme. I just wish when people post these type of threads, they stay around to field members' questions.

Diagnosing and treating Lyme's disease is very controversial and complex. It's symptoms are many and can mimic many diseases.
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