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While I applaud the efforts to petition the Gov't on these efforts, new social media has given power to the individuals like Neil and Marrowforums to reach the masses at lighting speed. If we wait around for the bureaucracy to begin implementing new programs . . . you know where I'm going with this.

If we could start a grassroots campaign that goes viral (with precautions and safeguards to weed out advertisers and protect people's privacy), I believe we could see statistical anomalies very quickly. Or . . . we may soon come to realize that most everyone acquires these diseases in very different ways. Either way, the data would be informative and fascinating to say the least.

In reading many posts, this is a common question and many have already given their "theory" on how they or a loved one acquired their disease. Putting this data in a spreadsheet to show statistics may reveal paths the medical community should investigate. PLUS, getting the word out on this project may funnel more to this forum.

Neil, how can I get a document to you listing some of the categories that may contribute to a general questionnaire?
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