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I wish you well in your treatment. Here is my experience with ATG at Emory in Atlanta.

The first day of treatment (4/05/2012)lasted about 14 hours due to slowing down the IV due to some shaking. I understand this is fairly common. The next three days went well and took about 10 hours hooked to the IV each day. I entered the hospital on Thursday and was discharged on Monday.
I was able to use the laptop some during treatment, but you will have lots of administrative visitors. They also will give you Benadryl that of course makes you sleepy.

The main issue that I currently have is that my neutrophiles are <1. The Dr does not want me around other people so I would need to work out of the house. I had some rough weeks where I didn't feel up to working...even from the house. Not sure how common they are but I had headaches that put me in bed. I hope this information helps.

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