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She was never depressed before this. Her whole personality has changed since being diagnosed with AA. She tended to be a bit worrisome but not to this extent. She is afraid to go anywhere and she doesn't take her walks any more like she used to. It's not because she doesn't feel good either. She feels great. She seems to be more relaxed when she is in the ER. She spent most of the day today in the ER. They said it was her hemmorhoids. We asked the doctor if they could do something to fix them but they say they can't because of her condition. I try not to tell her that the stress will have a negative affect but I do tell her she needs to be more positive. She is now refractory to the platelets. They are still giving her regular platelets though until the HLA plt come in. Eventhough she is refractory her counts were at 14 on Mon. 11 on Thursday and 13 today! I know that is not good but it sounds great to us. The last few weeks they were always at 9 or 7. I just hate seeing her rush to the ER every time she has a very tiny nosebleed, or her hemmorhoids bleed a tiny bit. And when I say tiny...I mean a pin prick on the tissue. Thank you for all the feedback. It really much.
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