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Originally Posted by DebS View Post
1. Am I doing enough? Too much?
2. Why did I just start crying?
3. Could I just spend a few more minutes researching this horrid disease?
4. Why is my loved one yelling at me when I am just trying to help?
5. Why do I feel guilty when I am not doing something for him?
6. Did he take all of his pills today?
7. Why did the nurse have to stick him three times tonight?
8. Where are all of my lists?
9. Could I take care of myself later?
10.What would I do without these forums?

Thanks. I needed to get those off of my chest tonight. I KNOW many of you are feeling the same thing. We are not alone.

Deb - I think of most of those things daily. I could start a whole list myself but can I just add on to yours?

11. Why can't I just get the doctor/nurse/insurance to listen and/or understand?
12. Since he hates me to ask, do I ask him if he took his Zofran anyway or wait to find out?
13. Why can't his family understand his decisions and just accept them?

I confess. I actually keep a list of my lists. Years ago everyone thought it was odd but now it seems life-saving!
Keep on doing what you're doing but keep yourself healthy too. That's one thing I forget to pay attention to.

You are both fortunate to have each other and all together we just stay strong.
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