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Eileen N's Dad 86 yr old w/ MDS dx

I am a new member - my dad, age 86 was diagnosed w/ MDS on 3/7/17. BMB shows Monosony 7, Trisomy 8, deletion 7q31, 2.6% myeloid blasts. Low Hg 6.5-9.3 between Jan-Feb. Dr recommends Vidaza 100 mg inj 5 days + 2 days, 21 days off, min 6-8 mos w/ Epogen 1x weekly.

I am concerned with Vidaza for my dad due to his age and the possible side effects. We are currently discussing his options with him, whether low dosage chemo or supportive care with blood transfusions as necessary. Does anyone have knowledge or input regarding Vidaza on elderly pts? When is iron overload an issue if he opts for supportive care vs Vidaza? He was given a prognosis of 1.6 yrs with Vidaza txs. Not sure if an additional 6-9 months of life for him is worth the possible painful side effects of chemo txs, esp at age 86.

My dad had cardiac stent surgery several yrs ago, and is recovering from shunt surgery for normal pressure hydrocephalus back in July 2016. He is walking now, out of a wheelchair and uses a walker.

We have appt with dr on 3/23/17 to start Vidaza or do supportive care. We are continuing our online research and discussing options with dad. It is overwhelming. Thank you so much for your thoughts and experiences with MDS on the elderly.
Eileen, daughter of dad age 86 dx w/MDS 3/2017. Monosomy 7, trisomy 8, deletion 7q31. Low Hg 6.5-9.3 (Jan-Feb 2017). Dr recommends Vidaza 100 mg,5 days+2 days, 21 off, 6-8 mos min. 3 rd bld transfusions in 2 mos. No tx yet.

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