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Granix and Procrit are not FDA approved for MDS?

It's my understanding Granix (tbo-filgrastim) and Procrit are not FDA approved for MDS because they can increase the blast count but my doctor wants to give me both.

My last blood counts were WBC 2.7 (ANC 0.3), RBC 3.96 (Hgb 9.5), platelets 118.

According to the BMB flow cytometry I have "Left-shifted myeloid maturation pattern with 1.8% myeloid blasts." It says "the findings raise concern for a myeloid neoplasm" but to correlate with the manual blast count because the flow cytometry can over or under estimate the blast count. The manual count said "up to 5-6% in CD43 stained trephine biopsy sections."

I have taken the Granix once but refused the Procrit. Have these drugs become accepted as an off-label use for MDS? Does anyone know the actual risk of increased blasts? Do they decrease if the drugs are stopped? I've been searching for answers online but not getting anywhere. Any info would be most appreciated.
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