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Confused about if we need to start the treatment

As i mentioned in my previous messages, although my father's hgb is currently at 7 but physically he is quite active and is able to do his day to day work. For some reason his ferritin is high which currently is at 2500 althought he has just taken 2units of blood( 4months back ) untill now. Our confusion is whether with his condition, is it the right time to start him on medicine like Vidaza etc in order to improve his hgb and secondly also consider starting chelation therapy in order to manage his iron overload? Or should we manage his situation with blood transfusion only? We are scared to start the treatment as we know that it comes with lot of side effect. Your suggestions will be very helpful.
Father 72, diagnosed MDS RCMD June 2011. HGB 5.5, WBC 7.2, Plt 400 Cytogenetics Normal. Blast cell count 2% ( July 2012 ). Currently on Danazol, Ferritin 750
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