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I can only speak from my experience where my Ferritin level was very high during a serious infection pre MDS. I was told that it was a marker of infection/inflammation.

Originally Posted by vikasgoyal View Post
4months back my father was transfused with 2units of blood ( First transfusion ) and post transfusion his Ferritin level was at 1495. 4months later he got his ferritin test again and his ferritin was at 2500 which is really confusing. Cant understand why the ferritin has gone up w/o any further blood transfusion. Is it because he is taking Arnesp 200 every week which is causing this? Any insight will be helpful.

Serum iron - 259 Total iron binding capacity - 295
Saturation level - 88%
Ferritin level - 2500
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