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You can do this ...

assume you are on the 8th floor at Sloan, although last time they were opening up another floor for transplants, but that does not matter.

Stay engaged and focus, or maybe not focus, on the next hour, use whatever drugs you need to get through the day. Or let your caregiver handle things, that is our role. Ativan was a nightly ritual, helped with sleep and also helped with eating, a few bites does help.

Just heal and take a step forward!
Debbie, wife of Mike age 58, diagnosed RAEB 2 April 2010. Initial blast count somewhere between 10-15% then 20% after two treatments of Dacogen. Completed induction therapy 8/2/2010. BMB 8/31/10 - 4% blasts. SCT 10/1/2010. Relapsed in 10/2014, second transplant from same donor on 12/31/2014.
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