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You can certainly go to the website which has all of the official trials. I have had pretty good luck when inquiring about trials by just calling the clinical trial coordinators at the larger institutions and asking them what they might have available as another approach that may open up doors that aren't explicitly listed.

With persistent high risk MDS, one approach that I have seen used successfully is treatment with Vidaza and tapering off the immune suppressives, but there really isn't any good data on this approach.

sending you well-wishes.
MDS RCMD w/grade 2-3 fibrosis. Allo-MUD Feb 26, 2014. Relapsed August 2014. Free and clear of MDS since November 2014 after treatment with Vidaza and Rituxan. Experiencing autoimmune attack on CNS thought to be GVHD, some gut, skin and ocular cGVHD. Neuropathy over 80% of body.
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