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Yes, thanks for this tip, Hopeful! I do keep track of my CBCs and trends, but not with an Excel spread sheet, which is an excellent idea!

Other than my 8-week bump in plts in Nov. & Dec., my trends have been downward, and at a fairly predictable rate. I'm really hoping that this changes soon, especially since I've been getting some transfusion reactions lately. However, that said, every now and then I'm lucky enough to receive a great bag of plts -- much larger volume than usual (also a better match, perhaps, and maybe really fresh?), and I get a larger bump than is typical, and can thus go longer until the next tx.

Thanks again for your input -- your experience and knowledge is very helpful!

Marmab, F65, SAA/hypo MDS dx 7/2011. Tried ATG/CsA, IvIG, Rituxan, prednisone, Promacta -- none of these helped. Transfusion dependent until MUD BMT 7/17/14. Prep. regimen of Campath, Fludarabine & Cytoxan. Doing great. 100% engraftment. No GVHD.
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