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Bone marrow fibrosis

Hi Leslie,
My bone marrow showed very severe fibrosis at dx 2006 - in fact my dx changed from MDS to Myelofibrosis due to this finding in the BMB. One year later I got neutropenic fever after 3 infections and my dx has been MDS since 2007.

In Europe Vidaza is only approved for high risk MDS so we don't have many drugs for low risk MDS - I have MDS Interm-1.

You asked me about drugs for low platelets. Perhaps you want to know the latest results for Promacta/eltrombopag? Here is a small study from Italy from ASH:

The other drug for low platelets, Nplate (that has showed positive results for Kirby Stone), has given increased blast cells in several studies and is not recommended for MDS patients.
Kind regards
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