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Home Sweet Home

Just got Jens home again, thank goodness! Not quite a week . . . sure felt good to walk in the front door.

They did have to give him 2 units of red Saturday . . . that helped with the H&H. He is due for the Neulasta Thursday anyway, and we'll just keep an eye on the platelets. For now, it sure is nice to be home.

I always try to stay with him 24/7 . . . too many things can happen if you aren't right there watching . . . and I'm sure ready for a real bed tonight. The furry children were just falling over each other to greet Jens. Gizzy (dog) is sitting in his lap "helping" him eat chicken and Matti (one of the cats) is sitting on the back of the chair licking his head. Ted (another cat) is pretty grumpy and offended by it all . . . Jens will probably have to get down on the floor and make up to him . . . and Suzi (*my* cat) is just glad to have me back home.

Now we just work on getting life back to normal
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