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Originally Posted by lorumipsum View Post
I think I'm going for something warm. Maybe a beanie, or a nice cap for winter. Unless I'm mistaken the process usually ends up with some hair loss.
Yup, hair often (usually?) falls out or becomes very thin when a patient gets chemotherapy or full-body radiation. And they get cold. Caps and scarves are very common at transplant hospitals.

On a side note, I have a very strong suspicion that my recipient, or rather someone posting on his his behalf, recently posted here. I found your forum with some good old fashioned google-fu.
I'm surprised more donors and recipients don't find each other on their own, given how much informaiton people tend to put on the Internet. I hope the NMDP won't think we're encouraging it, since their reasons for donor-recipient anonymity (at least at first) make sense. But curiosity is awfully strong!

My wife was convinced that her donor was on the east coast of the U.S. because of the time of day when her marrow arrived by courier on the west coast. We didn't know for a year, but she turned out to be correct.
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