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I don't understand this nebulous term "caregiver"!!

I write on behalf of a friend who is about to go through bone marrow transplant. As many have written here, this seems like a nightmare from beginning to end. The prep, the post-op, the feels as though the hospital she's using is putting an inordinate amount of demands on her as to what she has to do on her own. They are basically telling her she needs a virtual live-in "care giver" to handle most of what will be her many needs as she recovers both in the hospital for an extended stay, and once she gets home. My big question is, isn't that what the medical insurance and the hospital are supposed to provide?

This woman is in her 60's, is in horrible physical condition, extremely over weight, and has no immediate family who can basically drop their lives and come take care of her for weeks or months. My question is, if this level of constant care is required, isn't there a way to get the insurance to provide a care taker? What do people do who don't have immediate friends and family who can put their lives on hold?

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, believe me. We're just starting down this path with this friend of ours who lives more than 1300 miles from us and we have no idea, nor does she, as to how this overwhelming event is going to unfold.

Many thanks.
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