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Mother in Law has Bone Marrow Failure

Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to this forum, and just looking for some answers or guidance from others. My mother-in-law, who is now 78 years old, was diagnosed 4 years ago with MALT lymphona (a non-aggressive type of non-hodgkins lyphoma). It is now stage iv, with cancer in all lymph nodes, and just today, we received the results from her bone marrow biopsy and 95% of her marrow is full of MALT cancer.

She has been in and out of the hospital for 3 months, and 3 times just since the beginning of November. She is on her 4th or 5th blood transfusion in just the past month. Her hemoglobin hovers around 7-8, increasing slightly with transfusions and then dropping again. She is confined to a wheel chair, incontinent, very confused and loss of short-term memory. Having to be on oxygen almost continually the last week. 90% the last few days, but drops to 70% when she tries to move. Her spleen (which was enlarged 10x normal) was removed about a month ago. She had severe swelling in her legs and ankles, but after being consistent about elevating them daily, the fluid moved into her chest cavity and had to be removed surgically (3 cups).

We can't seem to get a straight answer from the doctors, which I guess I understand, but would love to get some thoughts from others here. With Bone Marrow Failure, what can we expect as far as a prognosis, assuming we don't do any other treatments (ie no chemo or radiation) and just continue transfusions I guess to keep her comfortable. How much time does she have? What was your experience with a loved one in such a terminal condition?
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