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This is coincidental. I have just ordered 3 bottles of K2 and am waiting for them to be delivered.

I've been told that my mother has calcification of all her arteries and I did some research and found that K2 has been found to reverse calcification as well as increasing arterial elasticity.

I don't know if Mum is allowed to take it but I intend asking her renal physician if it's okay.

Even if she's not allowed to take it I'll ask my haematologist if it's okay for me to have some.

Sometimes though, when things seem too good to be true, they are.


Copper deficiency bone marrow failure (MDS RAEB 1), neuromyelopathy.
FISH reported normal cytogenetics but gene testing showed
Xq 8.21 mutation
Xq19.36 mutation
Xq21.40. mutation
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15q11.2 deletion
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