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Hi folks
Been lurking on here for a while, replying to this post as I am also taking D3/K2. For several years before I developed anaemia, I had been having frequent spontaneous bleeds on my hands and feet, and bruised very easily. The doctors of course were completely uninterested as the usual blood tests were coming out normal (other than a raised MCV, which they always blamed on alcohol).

Since taking the supplements I have felt stronger, and have not needed as many transfusions as the doctors were anticipating. I am on 30mg K2 and 3000mcg vitamin D (was tested and this was low).

My theory is that my bone marrow problem may be linked to having had severe gut problems for many years - in a healthy person, vitamin K is synthesised mainly by bowel flora, and chronic diarrhoea can knock it out. Again, the doctors are completely uninterested in any of this!

Good luck everyone x
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