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I started taking k2 and d3 60 days ago only other supplement I also take is b12. My last blood test was slightly better than usual my platelets and wbc are on the low side my HBC and RBC has been ok for the last 2 yrs.

For what it's worth my HBG and RBC hit a high for the last 4 yrs they have increased from hbg 12 and rbc 3.5 to a recent trend of hbg 14 and rbc 4 but the 12/12 blood test was 16.2 hgb and 4.67 rbc. The platelets started at 70 4yrs ago and recent trend between 80-90 but the latest was 95 which is a high. The wbc baseline was 2.1 and recently around 3-3.5 was at 3.4 on the 12/12 lab. Along with the k2 and D3 I also eliminated grain from my diet around the same time. My doctor does not have an issue with the d2 and k2 supplementation.

the k2 i use-

the d3 -
Tom- 62 yrs old, dx-eosinophilic fasciitis 2004, 1 yr prednisone resolves EF- now low counts, HGB has been ok... EF has been associated with MDS along with AA.
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