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An update - still taking K2 D3 and B12 along with a no grain paleo diet- went to my regular today for unrelated issue and had blood work run. RBC 4.43, HGB 15.5, WBC 2.5, PLT 100, MCV 103. RBC is my second best and plt a high, wbc is on the low side and my mcv is usually 5points lower. I plan on sticking with this for now. For what it's worth... I've been on a autoimmune paleo diet since mid dec which eliminates grains, beans, nighshade vegetables, dairy, processed foods. I'm almost there 100% except for the dairy. So I'm eating a lot of organic - vegetables, poultry. wild fish, eggs, fruit, some meat, nuts.
Tom- 62 yrs old, dx-eosinophilic fasciitis 2004, 1 yr prednisone resolves EF- now low counts, HGB has been ok... EF has been associated with MDS along with AA.
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