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7 y/o with MDS

Eliot my 7 yo was just diagnosed with MDS a couple of weeks ago. He has 0 symptoms at this time. Thankfully we caught it early, however, there is no way of knowing if it will turn to AML before having BMT this summer. We are scared to death about it, but we are hopeful that everything will go well and that between now and procedure that he won't develop AML. The Dr. says he has 0 blasts at this time, but can't predict if any will show up in the near future. There is a 70% chance that it won't turn to AML, but we are certainly worried about the 30% chance of him getting AML. We are currently at Batsons Childrens Hospital in Jackson, MS, and are happy with our Dr and the care we receive there. However we have a huge decision to make about who will ultimately care for our boy. We will have a consultation with St. Jude in the next couple of weeks, and I believe they will ask us to come there. Our dilemma is that if we go to Memphis, we will have to spend 30 days in hospital and then ~70-100 days around the St. Jude campus rather than at home. At Batson, we will be able to go back to our own home immediately after our 30 day hospital stay. If the treatment is the same, which I think it will be, at both hospitals, I would like to stay at Batson. I think that would be better for Eliot and our family, however St. Jude is a top notch facility and if anything happened to Eliot I would be second guessing myself, the rest of my life. We are hoping his brother Parker is a match and should find out this week, but if he's not we will be looking nationally for a match. They plan to do the BMT this summer. Please keep us in your prayers for us to make the right decision for Eliot's future.
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