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Thanks for your reply

Vanderbilt has looked at the results and agrees with Batson. We just recently sent St. Jude the results to hear what they have to say. Whoever we choose to use will do another biopsy before BMT as well to make sure there are no cell blasts present.

We just found out that Parker is a match and will be the donor. The doctor doesn't seem concerned about waiting until schools is out to do the BMT and according to her, it will take about that long to get all the testing done on Eliot and Parker. They like to wait until summer so there are fewer illnesses around.

Batson does around 20-30 Pediatric BMT every year.

As far as costs go. St. Jude would not cost us a dime as long as Eliot is under their care. They even pay for the housing after leaving the hospital. Batson however would cost around $2500 out of pocket, but we would get to go home after 30 days.
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