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Marrow reading help?

Hi there,

My almost 4 year old had her second bone marrow biopsy and I would be grateful for any input.

She has normochromic/normocytic anemia. Her hgb was 9.2, Hct 27.5 and RBC 3.28.

70% cellularity both biopsies

Normal platelets, 249.

Mild absolute neutropenia without morphologic abnormalities. Neutrophils range 1.2 to 1.4.

Hematogone hyperplasia 11.3% (hematogones were 9.4% last year)

No increase in CD34+ blasts, 2.4%

Her lymph, mono, and eos tend to all be slightly elevated.

Still waiting on karyotype (which was normal last year) and the pathologist is running a MDS FISH this year that wasn't done last year.

Thanks so much!
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