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My dad had to be within 15-20 minutes of the hospital, so he & I rented an apartment up through Day +84 when he was "allowed" to go home. Honestly, I think it made his recovery smoother, as there was nothing to focus on except getting better. While his first 100 days went very well (we were lucky - no ER visits and very little GVHD, but as the caregiver I appreciated being close just in case...), I don't think he'd have called them easy (very non-linear recovery) and he still had appointments every Mon/Thurs. He got an in-home magnesium drip (I was able to clean his port and administer), we slowly built up our walks, and we played lots of cards. Had he been at home, he would have been concerned with all the normal house chores, etc. instead of just resting and gaining strength. And - it was a lot easier to control the cleanliness of the apartment, visitors, etc. I will say, though, I had it easiest (and I was most fortunate to be the one to get to be with him...I wouldn't trade those three months with Dad for anything) being his caregiver. My mom and sister had it harder, as they traveled back and forth (about a 45-60 minute drive), juggling work, their dogs, my nephews, etc.

If you have any questions about transplant or the recovery, please ask! I wish you both the very best!!
Daughter of Bailie (diagnosed RAEB-2 11/13; transplant 08/14; relapse with Ph+ AML 04/15; remission until 04/17; DLI 06/17; passed away 07/11/17 at Day+1059)...the best dad a daughter could have...

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