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Ours was about 45 min w out traffic and 2 hours with. It wasn’t required we stay closer but strongly communicated that if anything seemed off we needed to call and get to the ER hospital that they were affiliated with.

That made me nervous bc I’m a crazy person on a good day.. I was nervous about everything and everyone and any unseen germ outside of the sterile room my husband was in for the first 30 days.

We found an apartment complex with in a few miles told them the situation and they agreed to let us rent one of their Model apartments by the day but knew we were aiming for 60 days.
I had my mom rotate out w me through the week so I could work

Be the match and the leukemia foundation were kind enough to give us grants that helped pay for that. The hospital gave us the forms to fill out but I’m sure they are online

He had to go back 3 days a week for the first few months so all that back and forth also made me nervous about anything being exposed to him so that also made me decide to look for something closer.

I think my fears were probably over the top and extreme looking back but I’m just being honest. I couldn’t help how I felt.

I hope things on yalls journey go smoothly
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