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Green Tea and T-cells

Hey Marlene!

I was hoping you'd weigh in on this one, having observed that you are pretty well informed about all this supplement, vitamin, and diet stuff.

I went off and read up on these regulatory T-cells that EGCG (every time I type that I think of CGBG's, not that I've ever been there) increases.

Turns out they are special T-cells that turn off an immune reaction when it's gone on long enough to repeal the invading bacteria, fungus, or whatever. They are also thought to be the mechanism that keeps the disease-fighting T-cells from thinking the body is a disease and attacking it. In other words, they may be key to preventing autoimmune diseases -- like AA and some types of MDS.

I started on green tea just because Servan-Schreiber, the author of Anti-Cancer, recommends it as an important antioxidant and good for tumor-forming cancers. But this evidence that it promotes suppressor T-cells means it could be very good for some of us who have immune-related bone marrow diseases.

You are probably right that I need to be careful not to overdo it, however. I bought the capsules when the weather was cooler (and I drink hot tea) because I don't much care for the taste of hot green tea. But I like iced green tea, so now that the weather is warm, I may need to cut back on the pills so as not to over do it.


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