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Thanks so much for your response Neil. Lots of great and helpful information in there. I had originally thought the July 20 date would not work, but we got some new information today and the BMT has been pushed back.

My mom had another biopsy last week and Stanford got the slides yesterday. It is essentially the same as her biopsy from March (no progression to AML), but her cellularity is at 70% so the doctor would like to do 3 cycles of Dacogen first. Her blasts were 5% in March and 2% last week. Strangely her platelets have been rising (21k today - highest in a long time), HGB holding steady, etc. Other than the MDS, she is in good health.

We're all still in a bit of shock at the delay - if nothing else, the timing is terrible as my sister is expecting her first child in mid-October. We'll lose her as a caregiver to my mom, though we're gaining a grandchild as a "spirits lifter." One or both of my mom's siblings will come to help too, so we have a good support network in place (and the extra months gives us more time to get it all squared away).

Once the decision had been made to do the transplant, we were hoping to get it started as quickly as possible - so it's taken the wind out of the sails to be pushed back. But from reading everyone's experiences here (and from our own experience over the last 18 months) I know the whole process is such a roller-coaster. Two steps forward, one step back.

I think that's it for now. Chemo already scheduled for Monday - five days in a row, one week a month.
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